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Kony Mobile for Commerce Enables Retailers to Offer Consumers an Exceptional Mobile Shopping Experience On All Devices

Write Once, Run Everywhere mobile technology lets retailers quickly go-to-market with branded mobile applications on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Palm

Kony, Inc., the mobile applications platform provider with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology, today announced the release of Kony Mobile for Commerce, a pre-packaged mobile application developed specifically for merchants and retailers. The Kony Mobile for Commerce application enables companies to quickly launch and maintain a unique branded mobile storefront that delivers a full-featured and secure mobile experience via native on-device applications, device-optimized mobile websites, and other extensible clients such as SMS/MMS services, web gadgets and kiosks.

Using Kony Mobile for Commerce, retailers can provide a branded and interactive mobile shopping experience to their customers in as little as four-weeks, and on all types of mobile devices including Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm. The application enables customers to browse and purchase products, check order and shipping status, find the nearest store, and conduct secure transactions from their mobile phones. Customers can also receive targeted, timely offers and location-based promotions, as well as access their personal loyalty program account.

Hosted and powered by the Kony platform, the Kony Mobile for Commerce application integrates with a retailer’s current and future back-end systems (e.g., GERS, CRM), maximizing capabilities, efficiencies, and performance, all resulting in a superior customer experience and higher satisfaction. The Kony platform provides the critical mobile infrastructure to support large volumes of transactions, in a secure environment, despite the highly complex challenge of thousands of variations of mobile devices and functionality. Ultimately with Kony Mobile for Commerce, mobile customers can use any type of mobile phone to seamlessly interact with a retailers’ existing commerce and information systems. With Kony, retailers can deliver an engaging mobile experience aligned with a firm’s overall marketing strategy, driving additional revenue and growing customer loyalty.

According to a recent forecast from ABI Research, North American sales of physical goods ordered via mobile phone has doubled in growth year after year since 2008. Analysts predicted $800 million in 2009 and are predicting it to double to $1.6 billion in 2010.

“Kony Mobile for Commerce is the most comprehensive and advanced mobile commerce application available for retailers to maximize cross-channel sales, profits, and customer loyalty,” said Raj Koneru, founder and CEO of Kony. “As the mobile channel becomes core to the way shoppers research and buy products and services, the most visionary retailers will embrace an integrated mobile solution, syncing it with their larger business goals and programs to drive the highest overall results.”

Kony Mobile for Commerce Features
• Highly configurable for unique branding and promotion
• Advanced product presentation, search & intuitive navigation
• Flexible filtering & sorting of search results
• Storable My Favorites & wish lists
• Rich product descriptions with multimedia (video, audio & photos)
• Personalized shopper loyalty programs
• Location-based promotions & on-device coupons
• Smart shopping cart with modifier system
• Multi-factor authentication security
• Broad payment gateway integration (e.g., PayPal, credit cards, gift cards)
• Extensive integration methods with back-office and third-party systems (e.g., shipping)
• Order management, history & tracking
• Flexible customer registration & user preferences
• Reporting & analytics, with third-party integration (e.g., Google Analytics, Omniture)

Kony platform Providing the development and operational foundation of Kony Mobile for Commerce, the Kony platform comprises of three primary components that cohesively interoperate with each other and with a business’ existing infrastructure, delivering mobile presence and commerce for consumer-facing enterprises.

Kony Studio – Providing a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology, Kony Studio is an all-inclusive Eclipse plug-in used to design and construct all types of extensible clients. The IDE enables developers to perform all of the required activities with drag and drop ease, from visual UI designing, coding, data integration, application building, one-click emulator testing and deployment to servers.

Kony Mobile Server – Compliant with open J2EE standards and runs on any industry standard application server and database, the Kony Mobile Server provides all of the functionality required to deploy and interact with the Kony extensible clients. This highly scalable and rich interaction includes device recognition and optimization, secure multi-factor authentication, ad and campaign management, back-office integration, and reporting and analytics.

Kony Extensible Clients – Supporting the need for anytime, anywhere customer interaction, Kony Extensible Clients provide various application options applicable to any interaction situation. This unique offering ensures that customers are able access information and transact commerce regardless of the type of mobile or connected device they choose to use at any time. Unlike most other vendors who focus on just providing some form of a one-dimensional mobile application, Kony provides extensible clients of various interaction types all designed and operated as part of a single application design or code base. This approach ensures that the customer is never penalized for their choice of interaction device type, and the business never misses an opportunity for commerce or customer satisfaction. The various types of extensible clients available from the Kony platform include:

- On-device mobile applications for all popular devices that take full advantage of the extensive features of the phone, such as GPS, camera, Bluetooth, and contacts.

- Device-optimized mobile websites capable of maintaining the same quality, brand image and functionality as your primary website, dynamically optimized for thousands of brands and models of mobile phones.

- SMS/MMS services able to deliver two-way interaction using pro-active and reactive content with any type of mobile device. These services can comprise of simple text content or rich multimedia content (e.g., photo, video).

- Web Gadgets and Desktop Applications enabling powerful interaction with customers when utilizing their personal computers. Light weight and unobtrusive, these clients enable real-time delivery of valuable content and offers.

About Kony
Kony provides the mobile applications platform with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology that delivers mobile presence and commerce for consumer-facing enterprises. Delivering on the vision of one mobile platform, many mobile applications, on all types of mobile devices, the Kony platform uses a single-code base to develop mobile applications that run faster, better and with lower total cost of ownership. Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., the company also provides pre-built vertical applications, which are customizable and ready to be deployed, hosted, and managed via Kony 360 services. Visit