Hi, my name is Sriram Ramanathan and I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the KonyOne Platform and how it allows you to build rich, full-featured, multi-channel apps from the same single code base.

Most companies have approached this problem in a very tactical way where they’ve got new development teams focused on every new channel. Most companies already had significant investments in their web infrastructure, right, and they spun up a new team to focus on iOS devices, or another one to focus on Android devices, or one to focus on phones, another one to focus on tablets, and then now to handle desktop, one for Windows, or the desktop web. So these were all fundamentally different technical teams that were implementing the same features across multiple channels using different technologies and using different code bases.

All of this really means a lot more time and a lot more money, highly resource intensive, with the opportunity to significantly save it if you’re using a single code based approach which is exactly what you can do with our JavaScript API and the KonyOne Platform. With the KonyOne Platform you’ve got the Studio where you’re able to build really rich, full-featured apps, you’ve got the KonyOne Server where you can deploy all of these apps, and then you’ve got a KonyOne Management Console that lets you manage all these apps after you deploy them. So essentially deploying the same features with a single code base, but you’re deploying it to multiple channels.

We’ve conducted a number of studies in this area where we’ve taken our platform, built an app on it, and then used other technologies to repeat this across multiple channels, and the results have always been the same. yYou end up with a significantly better TCO and ROI model when you use the KonyOne Platform. Thank you.