One of the things that Kony does is provide a bulletproof service-level agreement, an SLA that protects your customers against fragmentation. It’s a huge concern. The result of fragmentation is that there’s a new device introduced every other month. There’s an operating system upgrade that goes out to all of these tablets and smartphones, and even the desktop that goes out fairly frequently. And you need an assurance that your multi-channel platform, Kony in this case, is able to continue to function across all of these new upgrades, whether it’s a new platform like the Blackberry 10 or the iPhone 5 or the iPad Mini or Windows 8, or it’s an operating system upgrade like iOS 6.

Kony has our internal engineering processes tuned and ready to meet this type of upgrade. We’re the only ones that contractually commit to a service-level agreement, so that you know that your application will continue to function, and also leverage the new capabilities, of a new platform when it comes out or new operating system when it comes out.