Another day, another new device, another new operating system. With today’s pace of innovation, app development can feel like a constant cycle of keeping up with the new and adapting the old. Fix this, upgrade that. For developers, it’s an unwinnable race with little time to focus on innovation and the experience improvements that matter.

That’s why we built the Kony Development Cloud. It’s a comprehensive set of cloud services, frameworks, and tools that allow you to create multi-channel experiences cross phones tablets and desktops. You can deploy your apps in native HTML5 and hybrid modes all from a single code base as part of Kony’s integrated suite of cloud-based products. Designed to support the entire software development lifecycle, the Kony development cloud is the secret weapon for driving a multi-channel strategy across desktop and mobile touch points.

So how does it work? Using a single code base, you can build rich native mobile web hybrid and desktop apps, then integrate fully with your web services and enterprise systems through Kony’s back-end cloud services. That means you can create mobile apps and a next-generation website while we manage the infrastructure. There’s no need to recreate business or custom logic either. Just a streamlined approach that lets you develop for new and existing channels in eighty-percent less time by reusing client-side logic and back-end cloud services.

Getting started is simple. Go to, create an account, and download the Kony Studio. Your account comes with a full library of tutorials, videos, and documentation to get you up and running in no time. An enterprise-grade set of cloud services is also provisioned for you so you can build your first app quickly and efficiently. If your shop uses Kony Visualization Cloud, you can take the screens your designer built and import them directly into your Kony Development Cloud, ready to use. You can access your native, third-party, or custom libraries by importing external functionality and extending your application. And the development clouds powerful JavaScript code editor helps you optimize your application code with debugging and testing tools, as well as an instant preview that lets you see your app in real-time as you work.

With the Kony Development Cloud, you’ll work smarter, not harder. Use the skills you already have with an IDE that leverages open standards and a single JavaScript code base. Create rich user experiences with an intuitive visual drag and drop app designer. Integrate with your backend through cloud-based enterprise services, event designers, and easily-generated business workflows. The Kony Development Cloud comes with a full set of back-end, cloud-based services as well such as:

  • Messaging and notifications to keep you and your users connected:
  • Sync services to reconcile offline data from any device or enterprise system.
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities for insights and intelligence through user app and system-level analytics.
  • Device detection to ensure device optimized user experiences.
  • A full arsenal of security and authentication features to address the needs of even the most demanding enterprises.
  • Comprehensive services orchestration so you can connect with any enterprise or third-party system through the cloud to mobilize and orchestrate your data.

Done with development? Building and deploying your app is easy. You simply select the devices and operating systems you want to target and let the studio build the apps for all your channels. Then publish your app to the Kony Cloud instantly. And because it’s from Kony, you know your apps are future-proof. Our industry-leading SLA guarantees your apps will always be up-to-date with new devices and operating systems upgrades.

Take charge of the “different day, new device” cycle with the Kony Development Cloud. Create an account today, and in just a few minutes you’ll start building the rich, dynamic apps that your users love with the confidence innovation and efficiency you need.