Imagine your business wants an app and they need it rolled out to iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop web browser, and they need it fast. Sound daunting? It is if you do it the traditional way.

Historically, companies have approached multi-channel app development very tactically, spinning up resources and investments for each channel they want to target. But the effort is redundant and costly and the complexity of keeping up with the constant changes of each channel requires a full-time focus and investment. Getting even one app out the door becomes hard, especially if you’re using disconnected tools and processes in your software development. Problems and errors go undiscovered until late in the development process, or worse, once the app has been deployed, costing serious setbacks and even brand risk.

Now what if you had a way to unify your entire app development lifecycle? And what if you could build an app once, and then reuse that investment to deploy it across other channels?

Meet the Kony experience platform: a fully integrated suite of offerings for app design development and management. As the core platform of Kony’s multi-channel experience cloud, creating apps for as many channels as you want is easy and efficient.

You start with the Kony Visualization Cloud—an intuitive, highly visual what-you-see-is-what-you-get set of app design tools and cloud services that was built with designers and stakeholders in mind. You can quickly create click-through prototypes without manual coding, and instantly preview your design on phones, tablets, and desktops.

Ready to share? Distribute a working prototype to devices and get annotation and feedback in real time. Drive clarity and accuracy into the process, and collaborate between designers, stakeholders, and development like never before. And throughout the process you can innovate confidently knowing your ideas will work on multiple devices and operating systems. When you’re done upload the design to the Kony cloud for your developers to take over.

Armed with the design the developers use the Jony development cloud to build your app using the comprehensive set of cloud services, frameworks, and tools, you can import the design code, build out the features, and add all the business logic and service integrations by coding or dragging and dropping into a single codebase.

When development is done, you simply pull up the build screen, click the checkbox for the device and OS you want to build, and let the Kony studio build the apps. It’s powerful, it’s simple, it saves you a lot of time and money, and when everything is where you want it, it’s easy to deploy to the Kony Enterprise App Store, or any private or public app store of your choice.

Now meet the Kony Management Cloud. It helps IT organizations deploy and manage mobile apps devices and content, so whether you run a BYOD or enterprise owned device program, deploying apps is done with the granular controls that users want and IT needs. For example, you can apply specific geofencing criteria, group level, and user level policies. Then push out to your users with confidence knowing that you won’t disrupt their cherished Angry Birds app or personal setups.

Once deployed, monitoring your apps usage and activity is easy through an intelligent dashboard that brings app, device, and content management together in one place.

Now that you’ve seen what the Kony experience platform can do, who’s using it? The world’s most innovative enterprises. They depend on Kony to help deliver exceptional, multi-channel experiences to both their employees and their customers. And when combined with our right once, deploy everywhere, multi-channel approach, you are guaranteed maximum flexibility and control for the channels you need to serve today and in the future.

Trust Kony to give your employees and customers the best experience for each specific device and operating system that they want to use. And because it’s from Kony, rest assured knowing you’ll never have to worry about your app breaking due to future releases of operating systems or devices. The Kony experience platform: the end-to-end unified platform for Kony’s multi-channel experience cloud. Innovative, integrated, and empowering everywhere.