Developers want to build beautiful apps that provide a terrific user experience with robust functionality, but 80%t of their development time is spent on back-end functionality. This problem is magnified by additional integration requirements. Kony Mobile Fabric provides enterprise-grade back-end services that can work with the development tools, frameworks, and native SDKs of a developer’s choosing, like JavaScript, PhoneGap, iOS, and Android. It’s the only integrated cloud solution that gives you the flexibility and freedom to use the tools you want with the skills you already have by taking the complexity out of functionality and reducing your time to market.

Kony provides the most complete and robust set of APIs in the market and sophisticated capabilities like authentication, back-end integration, security, offline functionality, push notifications, data synchronization, and storage to any smartphone tablet or desktop app. You can connect and integrate with any enterprise or third-party system, reconcile and access offline data, secure and protect your enterprise data, leverage service execution workflow, deliver notifications and alerts, and refine your own data store in the cloud.

You can also access rich analytics to assess app behavior and performance, even manage and monitor back-end services with an open environment. You can create apps the way you want and you’re always prepared to connect to the devices of today and tomorrow at lightning speed. Kony Mobile Fabric is proven to give developers the freedom and flexibility to develop applications with their tools of choice so that they can focus on what really matters: building beautiful apps that automatically scale to the effort demands of your users. Experience the power of Kony Mobile Fabric today.