Localiza is the largest rent-a-car and fleet management company in Brazil with more than 125 thousand cars. We have more than 4 million customers in car-rental. We were looking for a platform that could support our entire application development strategy. Mobile apps for any device, easy to make and maintain, with a very short time to market, and we found Kony to be this type of solution.

The Kony Platform makes things easier in two main ways: integration and communication. Part of this is due to Visualizer, which helps with feedback from prototypes and then translates it for the development phase, giving us a prototype and reusing it, saving time. This is something that has made things much easier for our technical team since they would have had to do the work twice.

The Mobile Fabric allows us to meet our needs and have flexibility in delivering solutions. It’s transparent, so we’re able to filter and reuse these services, because we have this middle layer between the solutions. By using the cloud, we avoid unnecessary infrastructure cost and the need for technical know-how. Our infrastructure team can focus on what’s important, like benefits and new functionalities for our client

We believe that doing things quickly, and quickly delivering value to our clients, is a huge advantage in our industry. With Kony we’re able to prototype, develop, and deliver in very short periods of time. Being agile in this age of technological evolution is very important for any company and the Kony platform has supported us in this very well.