To create great mobile apps you need tools that help you streamline the process writing code, designing UIs, testing, and integration. The Kony Development Cloud provides an Eclipse-based studio where you can easily develop business logic, integrate to all your external data sources, and design your UI in a single visual development environment.

Design compelling user interfaces and experiences for your application with Kony’s comprehensive set of advanced UI widgets, dynamic themes, and event modeling. As you design your UI, automatically view changes in your design using auto preview functionality. Your design changes can be viewed instantaneously on your device for fine-tuning of that desired look and feel. Your business logic is created using the JavaScript code editor. Write code using a single familiar programming language. Use the kony API to deliver powerful functionality to your application, such as camera, browser, maps, OS, and many others.

Before publishing your app to the Kony Cloud, testing is performed with seamless integration to devices. View your application, verify navigation, and also check that integrated data is properly displayed and meets your design requirements. Or launch a debugging session, set breakpoints, and evaluate expressions and values for inconsistencies. Once testing is complete, building your app is as simple as selecting target channels and clicking finish.