Join Kony Digital Architect, Miguelangel Fernandez, who will be doing a deep-dive session on the concepts of reusable components.

Join the LIVE webinar on June 20th, 2019 to learn how to monitor application performance using Kony. Kony Senior Director - Suhas Bhat will be the host of the event.

This webinar focuses on the integration of high value technologies in digital transformations. These technologies reduce usability friction while leveraging and maximizing modern device capabilities. You’ll see production grade uses of AI, AR and NLP, and get a first-hand view of AI’s impact and value in the low-code development process.

While Low-Code development platforms are still in the early stages of adoption, many enterprise leaders are already pigeon-holing them – and may be missing out on their greatest potential. While these platforms can unquestionably help enterprises relieve the development backlog, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, that’s just the beginning of the story. The real hero of the low-code epic: the limitless transformation of the customer experience. Join Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst with Intellyx, and Mike Thompson, VP of Product Marketing with Kony for a conversational webinar that will challenge your pre-conceptions about low-code and open your eyes to how you can leverage it to transform the essence of how you engage with your customers.

Join Kony CTO, Bill Bodin to learn more about Artifical Intelligence (AI) and how it will affect digital application development now and in the future. 

Join us for a behind the scenes look at the making of our super cool Quantum Quest mobile app. See first-hand how in just a few days our team leveraged Augmented Reality (AR) technology to showcase the power of Kony’s low-code platform. Come listen to our CTO and his team as they put Kony Quantum to the test.

A lack of development resources and increasing business demands are driving the need for low-code application development platforms. This webinar provides insight into low-code solutions that can flex and scale to meet mission-critical needs – for employee, partner, and consumer applications. Come hear the Kony team discuss key architecture considerations that your low-code solution should support. Source: Application Architecture Summit: Integration Developer News.

Corporate development teams are adding low-code platforms to their arsenals to speed application development. Why? Speed of delivery is crucial to business success, particularly for digital transformation initiatives. Come to this webinar to learn the reality of the low-code trend. Our guest speaker, John Rymer, from Forrester will bust the most common myths associated with low-code development platforms and look ahead to the new uses and unfolding strategic value that low-code brings to enterprises. View the recorded session today.

Join us on March 21 as we unpack V8 SP4. SP4 speeds up mobile and web app development with no compromises. Not to mention, our amazing new hikes make it incredibly easy to get started and will guide you step-by-step through your app