Low-code promises to radically improve the development speed of web and mobile apps. But how useful is that for Enterprises that require true enterprise grade applications? Kony has optimized its platform to deliver low-code capabilities but still enable enterprise grade user experiences, complex business logic, high-performance, high volume backend system integration and security. This approach lets you get the power of low-code and automation without hitting a wall when you need an enterprise grade app. The presentation will dig deeper into the tooling and architecture required to make this a reality. Note: Presentation hosted by Application Architecture Summit: News: Integration Developer News.

Watch our on-demand webinar, “The New Retail Imperatives” with guest speaker, Forrester VP & Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher, for a discussion around supporting today’s top retail initiatives through apps. Brendan Witcher identifies what drives mobile customers to adopt and abandon brands, shows how data is becoming the new competitive weapon, reveals retails top five initiatives, addresses the future of commerce and outlines important steps for becoming a digital master.

Today’s design and experience teams have a wealth of methodologies that they can bring to bear. From Design Thinking to Human Centric Design to Agile UCD to LEAN to.., well you get the point. And with all those methods to choose from they almost all end up using the same concepts and precepts, that of “what’s our constraints?”. They look to stifle or limit the potential experience by limiting their vision beyond what tech stack they’re using or what the schedule looks like or by looking at a solution first or any number of predetermined constraints with my all-time favorite being, “We’ve got to crawl before we can run”. When the reality is if you never know that the end result is to be able to run, you’ll be crawling the rest of your life.

For financial institutions in Europe 2018 will be a year of significant opportunity and the recent implementation of legislation will result in an increased importance on digital channels.  We invite you to join our webinar with featured guest Jost Hopperman from Forrester who will share his latest insights on key technologies that will increase competitiveness, compliance, and revenue for the European banking market.

Joint webinar with partner Gemalto

This on-demand presentation provides an overview of key capabilities and the underlying architecture that makes the AppPlatform powerful, scalable and secure. Additionally, you’ll learn how to easily access key advanced digital experience technologies and watch some innovative technology demos. Watch now to learn more about how you can architect your digital transformation to guaranteed success.

Please join Kony and Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand, and internationally recognized financial industry strategist to understand the digital trends and upcoming changes impacting the industry in 2018

In this on-demand webinar we will provide, together with Chris Marsh, Research Director at 451 Research, a roadmap for how to get started successfully building apps at scale. As you are planning for 2018, make sure you watch this to make the most of your investment.

FinTech disruptors are changing the way consumers behave - from payments and money management to lending and financial planning. How will you give customers what they want while keeping up with digital innovation? Listen to insights from Jim Marous, Owner and Publisher of the Digital Banking Report and Kony CTO Bill Bodin.