For years, bank executives have thought of their mobile apps and sites as informational and transactional touchpoints for existing customers conducting day-to-day banking activities. But leading brands in other industries have recognized the potential for mobile-as-a-destination. This does not mean trying to turn your company into something completely separate from banking – it means innovating the adjacent possible. This webinar will outline Forrester’s research into the current state of mobile banking around the world, articulate the value of adjacent innovation in mobile, and briefly discuss mobile best practices.

Digital innovation continues to transform the retail banking industry. Understanding the trends and upcoming changes impacting the industry will allow financial institutions to position themselves well for future success.

Mobile is rapidly transforming the retail banking industry. Banks that don’t provide easy-to-use, compelling mobile apps will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Banks that can continuously innovate and keep up with the pace of change will increase customer loyalty, reduce costs and ultimately, increase revenue.

IT teams need to extend their businesses to mobile devices based on pressure from both competitors and internal stakeholders. MBaaS solutions can streamline integration to backend systems, cut mobile app development time typically by 40-80%, and improve and simplify security.

According to Forrester, “Mobile is pushing aging web architectures to the brink.” To stay ahead of the competition and keep pace with mobile, the enterprise needs a new approach: a 4-tier architecture.

Want to reduce mobile application time-to-market and return valuable time back to your business cycle?