Managing apps? Check out this infographic for a roundup of benchmark research from business leaders around the globe.

Digital transformation requires a new set of IT capabilities and technologies, and organizations that can combine their internal expertise with emerging technologies will win in the marketplace. Our latest eBook dives into the specific capabilities for building apps at scale—a critical component for any transformation initiative—as well as the benefits of low-code development to achieve sustainable speed.

Utilities are facing the most turbulent times in their histories. Their customers are more demanding than ever. They not only want reliable service at reasonable rates, they want to be able to deal with utilities on their terms—paying bills and getting real-time information on the devices of their choice.

Cybercrime is one of the most significant modern-day threats, with enormous implications for national security, economic prosperity, and public safety. From ransomware to nation-state attacks, the range of threats and challenges they present for law enforcement expand just as rapidly as the technology evolves.

To find out what you can do to make sure your mobile app is as secure as possible, check out the final whitepaper in CIO and Kony’s “The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility” series, and take the first step towards ensuring your enterprise’s data security. 

Clearly, the world—and business—runs on mobile these days. Being able to meet the high expectations of users can be challenging, but not impossible. To illustrate that fact, we’ve compiled three different mobile innovation stories in one quick-read ebook. Download it to learn how three very different companies achieved the results they needed.

Employees in enterprises have to use several corporate mobile apps on a regular basis. Mobile App Single Sign-On (SSO) can eliminate those frustrations. Read this white paper today to learn more.

Creating a great mobile app means making choices; not just which device or devices to target but what functions to include and what to leave out. At the same time, some choices are worth avoiding such as short-term tactical compromises that lock you into an approach that makes sense today but limits your flexibility in the future. Download our ebook to learn how to make bolder choices and set more ambitious goals for your mobile initiatives.

You can think about the planning of your mobile app in terms of 5 phases: analyzing, conceptualizing, visualizing, capturing feedback and planning ahead for wearables. Check out our infographic and learn how to simplify your mobile app development process.