More and more companies are turning to mobile in order to improve employee productivity, streamline internal processes, and increase the company’s bottom line. With this rapid adoption, however, comes an increased risk of security vulnerabilities.

The world runs on mobile time! In this rapidly changing world we live in, the needs of business continues to grow, with users expecting the ability to connect from any place through any device at a faster pace and speed. To meet this demand, you need innovative mobile applications to stay ahead.

Digital innovation is completely transforming the retail banking industry, and it’s imperative that financial institutions understand not only the current trends but also the upcoming changes that are impacting the industry

The whitepaper examines the biggest challenges facing businesses today in regards to their mobile strategy. Research done in partnership with CIO Strategic Marketing Services.

Thousands of new apps hit the market each week. At the same time, thousands of hackers work hard to tap into these apps to try to phish for user information or implant malware. That means app developers have to be vigilant about security to protect users. As an app developer, you need to know how to avoid the security issues most widely affecting users today.

Mobile app usage continues to grow at a remarkably impressive rate. Of those billions of apps being downloaded, user engagement drops by 75% after the first usage. Today’s apps must meet or exceed the usability of the billions upon billions of other apps in the marketplace.

MDM and MAM are important parts of a comprehensive and secure enterprise mobile management (EMM) suite, without which, your company might be taking unnecessary data risks. This Mobile Memo, sponsored by Kony, outlines 8 risks your company needs to consider while building a mobile app. Download 8 Security Issues to Avoid in Mobile App Development to make sure you are keeping your most valuable asset, your data, protected.

For many organizations, it’s become clear that a legacy approach to mobile just doesn’t work. Today’s enterprise needs a mobile-first architecture that can handle the speed and agility required for mobile app development, right now and in the future.

Mobile strategies can no longer be simple add-ons or afterthoughts. Operating in mobile time – the speed, ability and connectivity to do business, anywhere and everywhere – is here to stay. Now is your chance to learn how to become a mobile-time enterprise. 5 Great Steps: How to Build an Enterprise Mobility Strategy will outline the steps you need to consider when becoming a mobile-time enterprise. It will also help you create an enterprise mobility strategy that will move your business forward!