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Kony architects its solutions to be self-sufficient from the ground up. But if you need additional expertise, Kony's enterprise app consulting services and our partner service teams are here to help.

With over 600 live apps, over 350 implementations, and over 7,000 trained and certified designers, developers, and managers standing by to help you realize your mobility goals, the breadth and depth of Kony's omni-channel app development consulting and app deployment services are unmatched. We provide the best enterprise app consulting in the market – period.

Multi-channel strategy workshop

The Kony Multi-Channel Assessment Workshop helps your organization assess, define, and tailor the enterprise mobility strategy most effective for your business.

  • Assess your business needs and business-to-IT delivery alignment
  • Identify and prioritize use cases
  • Evaluate the economics of multi-channel deployments
  • Gauge technology investments
  • Manage innovation, change, and processes

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Multi-Channel Center of Excellence implementation

Leverage proven expertise to build your own Multi-Channel Center of Excellence with our mobile consulting services.

  • Reduce costs and ensure value with centralized governance and agility
  • Improve predictability and visibility
  • Sustain velocity across the development continuum
  • Eliminate transformational debt
  • Manage customer-centered innovation

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App development and deployment consulting

Design, develop, deploy, and manage your apps with expertise gained from over 250 enterprise implementations. Kony’s app development and app deployment consulting services empower you to:

  • Optimize all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including requirements gathering, design, development, deployment, and app management
  • Create comprehensive application blueprints for faster, more effective projects at lower cost
  • Design device-optimized UI/UX that delights users and exceeds business goals
  • Choose the deployment option that makes sense for your business
  • Trust in proven, industry-leading best practices and methodologies

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Kony Multi-Channel Assessment Workshop

The Kony Multi-Channel Assessment Workshop helps your organization assess, define, and tailor the multi-channel strategy most effective for your business.

Optimal business-IT alignment

Ensure that everyone involved in your multi-channel initiative is engaged and on the same page. With the Multi-Channel Assessment Workshop, you will:

  • Identify business processes and challenges where a multi-channel approach can help
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities across business units
  • Define objectives, timelines, and budgets
  • Explore options for transforming existing practices through the multi-channel lens
  • Develop a business case highlighting recommendations, benefits, and strategic goals

Use case identification and prioritization

Define and prioritize detailed use cases to drive your multi-channel vision.

  • Discover areas of greatest opportunity and risk
  • Break down business processes by use case, potential features, and benefits
  • Calculate current and future benefit potential in real dollars
  • Prioritize next steps based on benefit potential and estimated development effort required

ROI deep dive

Learn how a strategic multi-channel initiative can impact your company’s bottom line. Economic analyses include:

  • Pre-tax annual benefits by business unit, benefit type and/or use case
  • Potential for one-time benefits
  • NPV, ROI, payback period, and projected future cash flow
  • Value-based deployment roadmap

Multi-Channel Center of Excellence

Leverage proven expertise to build your own Multi-Channel Center of Excellence.

Centralized multi-channel strategy

Keep up with the ever-increasing number of digital channels by creating a Multi-Channel Center of Excellence (McCoE) in your organization. Through this intensive long-term program, your business will:

  • Establish a centralized organization that connects key stakeholders across the enterprise to enable rapid and sustainable multi-channel technology delivery
  • Develop a roadmap that moves from a “net new” project model to a “reuse maximized” model that focuses on multi-channel feature/function from the outset
  • Adopt centralized processes, policies, and governance to transform existing practices for maximum strategic benefit
  • Define and develop an operational model that focuses on best practices and continuous improvement across all digital channel disciplines and SDLC phases.
  • Deliver business functions to customers where they need it, without compromise

Reduced transformational debt

IT departments and businesses regularly approach and fund new projects as “net new”. In many cases, the absence of reuse potential drives transformational debt because this work is performed in silos for each and every digital channel. As part of defining your McCoE, Kony experts will demonstrate how you can leverage shifts in approach to reduce this debt and eliminate it over time, including:

  • Reducing technical reactivity
  • Improving success criteria and measurement
  • Centralizing governance and visibility across the enterprise development continuum
  • Focusing on feature/function versus a single app for a single digital channel
  • Understanding the value of a holistic approach using a single platform and codebase

Faster results, lower costs

Stay on budget, increase velocity, and meet stakeholder expectations with the McCoE approach. The McCoE empowers you to:

  • Introduce visual and functional prototypes in the alignment phase, prior to estimation
  • Increase automation to standardize development phase acceptance
  • Assess existing features/functions before creating net new
  • Reduce maintenance costs through component consolidation and active governance
  • Leverage a single commodity language and platform stack across all digital channels

App delivery services

Design, develop, deploy, and manage your apps with expertise gained from over 250 enterprise implementations.

Comprehensive application blueprints

Gather requirements, define scope, and rapidly create wireframes, prototypes, and specifications with our in-depth application blueprint service.

  • Achieve tight business-IT alignment for enhanced stakeholder confidence
  • Provide clear direction for the development team, preventing future setbacks
  • Build and test functional modules and workflows
  • Decrease development, UAT, and deployment cycles
  • Lower costs and increase efficiency by front-loading resources

Expert UI/UX guidance

Create gorgeous user-friendly apps with guidance from our app design team. Services include:

  • Guidelines for optimizing your multi-channel experience across devices and OSs
  • Recommendations for the most effective paths to your business goals
  • Collaboration with your creative professionals to guarantee on-brand results
  • Easy-to-use widget management
  • Shareable prototypes that all stakeholders can test and review

Public Cloud

  • Register for a free Kony account and launch any of our cloud services within minutes
  • Invite other users to your account and manage their access to each of your cloud services
  • Securely integrate your Kony back-end services with your enterprise data center
  • Utilize our business intelligence services to view analytics and reports
  • Grow your environment automatically through elastic scaling

Managed Private Cloud

  • Run in a dedicated environment tailored to your specific requirements
  • Utilize Kony Support to manage your environment and releases
  • Choose from virtual private cloud or dedicated physical hardware options
  • Create a secure VPN connection to your enterprise data center
  • Set your own maintenance windows to apply patches and upgrades


  • Deploy completely on premise in your own enterprise data center
  • Maintain complete control of system access, patches, and upgrades
  • Leverage Kony Support for assistance at any step along the way

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Proven processes and best practices

All Kony Consulting services rely on experience and methodologies gained from hundreds of enterprise implementations. Our best practices cover:

  • Requirements gathering, prioritization, and scope creep reduction
  • UI, UX, and design for multiple channels
  • Development, coding, and device optimization
  • QA, UAT, deployment, and implementation
  • Change management and communication plans

Find the right partner – in your backyard or across the globe

Realize your mobility vision with app consulting services from trusted global partners that understand your specific needs. Kony’s partner network includes:

  • 7000+ trained and Kony-certified developers and omni-channel experts
  • 100+ system integration (SI) partners across 35 countries
  • 18 of the top 20 global SI partners: Accenture, AT&T, Capgemini, Cognizant, HP, Infosys, Wipro, and more
  • A vast ecosystem of regional SI partners: Collabera, Congen IT, KBQuest, Pariveda, Sybven, Quinscape, Resource IT Solutions, and more

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