Used to facilitate sales, improve customer satisfaction and monitor vehicle health.

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Kony AppVantage™ Custom

Automotive Use Cases

Sales Order App
Sales managers and retail customers

Place an order for a vehicle, view vehicle specifications, features, and offers

Procurement – Order Parts and Track
Wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers

Search for and order spare parts (small and heavy vehicles), track orders, return damaged parts, etc.

Servicing and Aftercare
Retail Customers

Request a service, schedule a service, set reminders for vehicle servicing, provide feedback on services, etc.

Catalogs & Manuals
Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers

The solution helps improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Sales personnel can show product catalog to customers and quickly create orders and quotes.

B2C IoT-Enabled Apps

Monitor software applications/embedded systems software in vehicles such as entertainment systems, air conditioning/heating, monitor dynamics of their car such as gas levels, brake/valve diagnostics, notifications set for oil changes, etc. Can be applied for mechanics that provide inspections and maintenance on not just automobiles but aircraft, agricultural equipment, and any industrial manufacturing machines which have embedded/software/systems.

Logistics Automation
Logistics Staff

Capture consignment location at delivery points, capture vehicle location, automate consignment logistics paper-based processes, send message to administrative staff in case of emergency or any issue, real-time transfer of captured data to central IT system, etc.

Road Assistance App
Retail Customers

Search for nearest service centers and request roadside assistance during emergency breakdown of vehicle, request a tow vehicle, etc.

News App
New Users

Receive latest updates and news in the automotive industry. From new car launches to industry rumors, recalls and other entertaining happenings in the automotive industry.

Parking Assistance App
All Users

Saves parking location, sends notification when the parking meter is about to run out, and accounts for the required walking time to get back to your vehicle before time runs out.