As digital natives enter – and leave – school, educators should embrace mobile apps enhance the learning experience, and also streamline grading and record keeping.

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Kony AppVantage™ Custom

Education Use Cases


Helps students learn any course/subject with the help of tutorials, reference guides and documents available. Certification assistance can also be a part of this solution.


Allows students to participate in contests/quizzes and enhance their skills on a particular topic

Find a Coach/Teacher/Teaching facility, Online Tests/Exams
Course Seekers

Find a personalized coach/faculty member for a specific subject or a competitive examination/career building course to help students develop skill sets and grow in their career paths effectively.

Learner’s Forums

Students can post questions or concerns on a topic so that admins/guides can assist them.

University Admissions
Administrators & Students

For administrators and students to understand prerequisites, submission deadlines, fee structures, financial aid processes and other related questions or concerns regarding the admissions process.

University Student Portal
Students & Admin Staff

Students can check their grades, view class schedules and catalogues, request changes and transcripts. Assists administrative authorities with publishing results in the portal directly to any number of associated colleges affiliated to that particular university.

Case Studies
Exam Boards & Students

Facilitates student research with case studies or presentations on a wide range of topics. Faculty can maintain a list of case studies or research topics in the solution to support deep learning.

Attendance Tracker
Faculty & Researchers

Track daily class attendance, assign classes to faculty, add timings of classes, and mark attendees.

Teacher’s Checklist/Tracker

Teacher or substitute checklist. Can include all collateral related to a class such as instruments, charts, geometry items, etc.

Tutorials/Course Guides

A guide or tutorial that includes some documents, videos, or even pictures to help students gain a better understanding of course material/subject matter.

Class Assist

Faculty can conduct lectures, assign tasks to students, conduct exams, track student performance, etc. Essentially, teachers could have a teacher’s aide/assistant in the palm of their hand.


Brain teasers or puzzles for students to solve. This helps in improving users’ knowledge or analytical skills and developing their IQ.


Serves as a dictionary or translator for students to gain understanding of words, terminology or acronyms.

Schedule Assist

Useful for scheduling classes for faculty members or arranging guest lectures according to the availability of slots. Coordinating dates and timing can be made easy with this app.

College/Univeristy/Campus Virtual Tour

A map or a panorama view of the university or college campus. Campus highlights and routes are included with virtual navigation as part of this solution.

Placements/Career Support

Utilizes a college or university’s business and industry partnerships to help connect students and recent graduates to internship and job opportunities. A contained job board where a student/graduate can create a profile and link their transcript and/or resume. Companies can also list internship and job opportunities for that university’s students.

College Magazine/News Feed

An app that connects students to a campus news feed with important alerts (weather alerts, college/university announcements, building closures due to maintenance, etc.), including links to the most recent issues/articles from the campus newspaper or magazine.

Alumni Portal/Groups

A network for university alumni to socialize, network, and share career opportunities and achievements.

Campus Maps

A guide for visitors of the campus, providing the campus map and routes

Event Planning (Tech/Business/Cultural Festivals, Conferences, etc.)

Invite students, faculty, and employees to participate in upcoming campus events or promotions. Perfect for campus job fairs, cultural festivals, conferences, competitions, etc.

Counseling & Support

Supplement personal or career counseling for students via an app


Allows campus clubs to plan events, recruit members, update budgets, etc.

Toddler’ Stadium
Early Childhood Education Families

Supports families in making healthier nutritional choices