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It’s a strategy that rapidly transforms ideas into innovative, exceptionally designed secure mobile apps. It puts the user experience first. It empowers businesses to develop and manage their own apps to better engage with their customers, partners, and employees. It’s apps for anyone, anywhere, and anything.


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I'm a business leader

Better apps with more speed and less drama.

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I'm a developer

Collaboration and code that work wonders.

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I'm an IT manager

Integrations, efficiency, and security I can trust.

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Apps for anyone, anywhere and anything

Onmi-channel apps are an enterprise-wide opportunity. Maybe it’s one app; maybe it’s hundreds. It may start in a business unit, grow in development, and launch from IT. But to digital enterprise, each step contributes to a bigger picture: real business results driven by exceptional user experiences.

Burn down the silos. Light up your imaginations. Apps are an enterprise strategy that empowers everyone to deliver the moments that matter.

  • Designers and developers: Design and code with tools built for collaboration, creativity, productivity, and – dare we say it – fun.

  • Business leaders: Customer and employee experiences for work and play, served at the speed of mobile.

  • IT professionals: Balance business requirements and IT reality without compromising security, agility, or UX.

Technology built for a digital world

“Mobile first” no longer cuts it. To win today, businesses need to think digital: a world of any time, anywhere access and communication that goes way beyond your smartphone. From the Internet of Things to the things that matter most to your users, modern enterprise solutions require technology that can not only keep up, but lead the charge.

An enterprise partner born and raised in digital time

At Kony, we started in digital enterprise solutions and it’s still all we do, constantly evolving yet singularly focused on making companies faster, more efficient, and more productive.

Our products and solutions support your enterprise strategy no matter how mature your digital initiative. Build apps, buy apps, or split the difference; start from scratch, or scale your existing program. Whatever your approach, we’re here to help your business to compete in the digital world.