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Temenos Quantum for Field Service

Efficient field operations with improved performance and safety

Provide field teams a great user experience with the right information at the right time in the right way. Eliminate paper, reduce failures, and provide a digital dataset for optimization via analytics and trending.

Great UX

Flexible, extendable mobile apps with great UX

Mobilize your field

Eliminate legacy manual or paper-based processes

Engerprise-grade integration

Integrate and orchestrate across legacy systems

Temenos Field Service Desktop Web App Temenos Field Service Phone App Successful Check-In

Dony Field Service Maps Widget Temenos Field Service Detail Widget Temenos Field Service Task Widget

The right information at the right time in the right way

Empower field teams to do their job easier and with better information. Temenos Quantum for Field Service offers intuitive user interfaces, lightning fast performance, and the ability to work offline or in low bandwidth conditions – critical details for user adoption and operational efficiency.

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Fast, Flexible & Extendable

Temenos Quantum for Field Service has prebuilt components and microapps that can be composed to rapidly deliver a customized app that mirrors your field processes. New features can quickly be added, or existing ones modified using our low code development environment.

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Temenos Field Inspections App
Field Inspection | Temenos Quantum for Field Service

Field Inspections

Field data collection

Temenos Work Order Maintenance App
Work Order Maintenance | Temenos Quantum for Field Service

Work Order &

Mobile enabled work orders and maintenance

Temenos Asset Tracking App
Asset Tracking | Temenos Quantum for Field Service

Asset Tracking

Track assets and parts inventory in the field

Temenos Field Service Incident and Hazard Reporting App
Hazard & Incident Reporting | Temenos Quantum for Field Service

Incident and Hazard Reporting

Proactive reporting of safety events and field incidents

Temenos Journey Management App
Journey Management | Temenos Quantum for Field Service

Journey Management

Identify, monitor and interact with staff in the field with messaging and notifications

Temenos Digital Lockout / Tagout
Digital Lockout / Tagout | Temenos Quantum for Field Service

Digital Lockout/Tagout

Procedures, testing, comm. & reporting, supporting safe work on energized systems


Integrate across legacy backend systems without replacing them

Deliver immediate results while laying the foundation for broader field force mobilization & digital innovation with Quantum’s enterprise-grade middleware.

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Other Use Cases

Services as Sales
Service Technicians Sell Parts & Services

Increase customer satisfaction and company revenue by empowering field staff to identify opportunities and recommend services and solutions directly to customers while on premises.

  • Enable upsell sales
  • Access product and service catalogs
  • Create work orders
  • Instantly schedule appointments
  • Calculate costs in a shopping cart
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Capture signatures

Customer Energy App
Customer Visibility to Utility Information

Differentiate branding by providing value-add services, analytics, and data through applications to customers. Create intuitive, user-friendly, and cost-effective consumer applications that take advantage of native coding languages and abilities.

  • Monitor energy usage
  • Manage billing, plans, and payments
  • Customer outage reporting
  • Off-peak and conservation programs
  • Smart home integration
  • Set thermostat
  • Control lights and appliances
  • DERs monitoring and metering
  • Consumer education
  • Real-time alerts
  • Electric vehicle charging app

IoT Apps
Consumers (Home Owners)

Control air conditioning, heating, appliances, lights, and even entertainment. Allows consumers to control energy at home from work, on vacation, or half a world away.

Customer Management
Service Providers

Enables service providers to view jobs, invoices, and equipment under contract with predictive analysis.

Lead Capture
Sales Executives, Field Technicians

Ability to capture leads, generate quotes, and create proposals on the spot.

Catalogs & Manuals
Marketing Team, Sales Executives

Features interactive demos, videos, catalogs, and manuals for various plans and services including pricing.

Energy & Utilities Resources

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How Mobility Can Help Utilities Transformation to Digital Organizations

Find out how you can help your organization meet the unique demands of today’s digital world.

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