A great user experience starts with an app that is aligned and tuned to the work that needs to be done. But after that things like an intuitive user interface, lightning fast performance, the ability to work effectively offline or in low bandwidth conditions become critical for user adoption and operational efficiency. Kony has been the leader in mobile app development for over 10 years and as a result can provide users with the best app experience.

100% Native support

Optimized for the device and able to leverage all the native capabilities provide by Apple, Android and Windows mobile in addition to responsive and progressive web app (PWA) support.


Quantum optimizes the interactions with the mobile app to provide lightning fast performance including data transformation, caching and offline support with intelligent sync all optimized for a mobile environment.

Leading UX Design

The Temenos Quantum platform provides a unified design canvas for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and responsive web (including PWA) that lets you deploy native apps from a single code base while adjusting design for different form factors. Prebuilt components and default settings incorporate design best practices while leaving developers and designers with full control of the user experience.

Integrated Advanced Technologies like AR, AI, Chat and NLP

Quantum has architected and prebuilt integrations leveraging operating system or third-party technologies making it easy to incorporate technologies like augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), or chat bots with natural language processing (NLP) and more into your apps. These can enable things like hands free/gloves on operation or IoT integration.




Digial Transformation

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