From travel to immigration to grants and loans to library cards, many governmental functions can be streamlined via the use of mobile apps.

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Government Use Cases

Travel and Immigration

Provides immigration information for users across the globe, including rules and regulations for VISA applications

Any Government Department

Provide enhanced transparency through a procurement app that can be used by any government department. Use it for—goods, works, and services—while also enabling free access to all tender documents, clarifications, secure online bid submissions, and access to bid opening events

Hospital Management System
Government Hospitals and Patients

Improve patient care through a mobile app that provides access to lab services, document/information exchange, human resources, medical records, etc.

Knowledge Management System
Government Officials and Citizens

A Mobile Document Management System for document creation, management, storage, searching and retrieval along with versioning, sharing, collaborating and commenting to promote compliance with open records and open meetings requirements

Identity Card Management System
Government security, Election, Police, Immigration Officials

A data repository app with complete list of Identity cards of a country or local government agency.

Food Assistance App

Information solution regarding the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). Provide those in need with information about SNAP, application requirements in their state, local offices, covered and non-covered items, etc. Could also be expanded to the Women Infants and Children program (WIC) to give new moms information on covered items, along with nutritional education

Grants and Loans

Provide a comprehensive application that gives complete information about a government agency’s grants and programs. Users can search and apply for government grants/programs based on eligibility, timeframes and programs.

Postal Services Issue App

Improve the relationship between the postal service and residents via a comprehensive mobile app that allows people to update their address for different governmental agencies; implement vacation holds; file complaints; report fraud, theft, or abuse; and locate nearest post office location

Libraries and Archives

Connect the physical world to the digital via a data repository app that allows users to search for libraries and see information about that library and its archives. Add even more connection via “Ask a Librarian”—a feature that allows users to get online help from actual librarians.

Public Service and Volunteer Opportunities

Provide citizens with the opportunity to sign up for volunteer activities, create projects, and receive first aid and emergency skills training

Labor Laws and Issues
Government and Private Employees

A comprehensive mobile app that educates employees on the labor laws for whatever country or state they’re interested in. The app can also provide minimum wage information, work hour definitions, and an option to file complaints for discrimination or harassment.

Government employees

Government pensions and retirement plans are often different from pensions or retirement plans offered by private companies. Give your employees a mobile app that provides a comprehensive overview of their retirement plan, a retirement calculator, pension benefits, FAQs, etc.

Students and Public

Provide parents and caretakers information about local school systems—from primary to secondary to higher education—including standards, ratings, graduation rates, curriculum available, teacher rankings, graduation rates, etc.

Social Security and Benefits App

A mobile app that provides information about retirement and disability benefits and the ability to apply, replace, and correct social security cards.

Medicare and Medicaid App

Comprehensive app for Medicare and Medicaid recipients that allows them to pay premiums, look up benefits, see recent claims, communicate information about primary/secondary private insurance, download an insurance card, and ask questions regarding benefits

Statistics & Analytics App
Government Officials

Complete census data for a country or region via an app, with the option to view information in a more data-driven presentation or graphical presentation.

Traffic Safety App

Traffic updates, safety precautions (like closed roads due to flooding), awareness videos, and road rules via a mobile app

Transport – Vehicle Registration App

Allow drivers to register their vehicles, apply for licenses, pay taxes, etc. via a mobile app

Agriculture App

Gives farmers a comprehensive app that provides general agricultural information, schemes, subsidies, precautions, grievances, weather forecasts, etc

Government Utilities App

Central app that allows them to make government utility payments like electricity, water, gas, cable, etc., along with the ability to submit requests

Accident Management
Public, Police

Improve police response times while involving the community via an accident reporting app that allows the public to report accidents, location, and send photos

Public, Grievance addressal team

Improve communication between the public and local governments by allowing the public to report grievances via mobile app. Examples include: train schedules, road safety, street light outages, traffic signal issues, and more

Lost & Found

Allows users to report stolen goods, lost pets, found items or pets, and more.

Background Verification

Perform background check anytime, anywhere, without a delay in reporting information to back-end systems.