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Kony AppVantage™ Custom

Manufacturing Use Cases

Equipment Maintenance
Shop Floor Team

Manage equipment health, schedule maintenance plans, set up calendars, and inform employees about maintenance, repair, and replacement of spare parts, etc.—all from a single mobile app.

B2B Sales

Provide sellers, buyers, manufacturers, and distributors with a sales management app that’s catered to each audience’s own needs and requirements.

Catalog and Manuals
Sales & Marketing Team

A catalog or manual for sales and marketing teams to bring in more business in less time.

Lead Management

A lead management app to positively impact sales, productivity, and performance, resulting in customer base extension and retention.

Inventory Management
Warehouse Staff

Helps to create orders for inventory, add/delete inventories and their corresponding details, manage shelf life, etc.

Shop Floor Management
Supervisor, Employees

For pre-planning, planning, staffing, directing, monitoring, and controlling activities that enhance shop efficiency and analysis. Production/ operations activity signifies the process of transformation of materials (inputs) into desired output (product/services). The solution can help turn this job into a quick and easy process.

Warehouse Mobility
Warehouse Staff

Supports the day-to-day operations of a warehouse and also enables the centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations.

Materials Tracking
Logistics/Warehouse Team

Enables contractors/sub-contractors/distributors to help with real-time tracking of material transit. The solution will minimize human errors and manual tracking efforts, resulting in increased accuracy.

Labor Cost Tracking
Labor Contractor, Supervisor

Acts like an invoice book for contractors and sub-contractors, helping to track employees and work/duties along with timely and correct wage disbursements.

Mobile Supply Chain Management
Supervisor, Employees

An app for a supply chain management system helps different branches of an organization coordinate functions and strategies, throughout and across businesses, to improve the performance of all parties involved.

CRM & Order Management
Support Staff, Consumers

Automates and streamlines order processing for businesses including growth, performance, and market value.

Production Workflow Monitoring
Supervisor, Employees

Automate every day production operations, optimizing time and resources, materials management, equipment management, store house and space management, etc.

Vendor Management
Vendors, Admin

Manage vendors by getting quotes, tracking the procurement cycle, and documenting shipments and invoices, payments, maintenance, after care, staffing services, etc.

Quality Control
Quality Analysts, Supervisors, Auditors

Contains policies, procedures, and forms that should be complied with from quality perspective. The solution can also help the team schedule quality checks, record results, generate reports, communicate with respective stakeholders, update enterprise systems with relevant information, etc.

Facilities Management
Facilities/Logistics Team

Integrates with the backend to collect data, generate invoices and deliver information to respective stakeholders / investors / vendors / etc.

Invoice & Payments
Employees and Consumers

Integrates with the backend to collect data, generate invoices and deliver information to respective stakeholders / investors / vendors / etc.