Embracing digital can help retailers maintain (or even regain) a foothold on their target market, increase sales, and decrease cost while improving customer satisfaction.

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Kony AppVantage™ Custom

Retail Use Cases

Retailers, Consumers

Provides state-of-the-art features with a smart product catalog, quick and easy onboarding, simple and uncluttered navigation, a user-friendly and self-explanatory UI interface created according to the brand’s philosophy, intelligent cart management, and a plethora of shipping options.

Merchandising–Shelf Management
Wholesalers, Retailers

Shelf management made easy by keeping a record of all products coming into the store, scanning barcodes, navigation to shelf, category management, etc. Artificial intelligence built into the application can push predictive notifications on product shelf life, the supply/demand curve, inventory status, etc. Graphical representation of consumer behavior will help improve cross and visual merchandising.

Merchandising–Product Catalog App
Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Sales & Marketing Team

Allow customers to access catalogs on tablet or mobile. Showcase your products with a glossy and visually-appealing electronic catalog with touch interface that allows customers to flip through the brochure with a simple swipe gesture. Update and sync product updates instantly. Save time and money with electronic quotes and order forms.

Merchandising–Cart Management
Retailers, Consumers

Helps people fill cart on ecommerce portals like apparels, grocery, electronics, etc. as and when needed or when time permits and check out at leisure. For the items listed in the cart, the app will notify User about product exhaustion from seller, discounts, best deals, etc.

On–demand Services
Consumers, Small and Medium Business Groups

Allows consumers to get recommendations, contact, schedule appointments, track work, and make payments. The solution can also help small business groups, those who are self-employed, and freelancers to reach a wide audience by posting their service offerings and availability.

Pick and Delivery
Courier/Shipping Companies, Consumers, e-Commerce Owners, Retailers

Helps customers such as wholesalers and ecommerce sites to schedule pick-up of goods, track vehicles, and manage delivery timelines. The navigational map helps locate the delivery vehicle, design routes, and provide real time tracking.

Forrester’s Top Five Retail Predictions for 2018

Digital is completely changing the customer experience in the Retail space. With that in mind, we hosted Forrester Research and our partner Diebold Nixdorf to provide you with Forrester’s Top 5 Retail Predictions for 2018. In the webinar, our guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Brendan Miller provides some great insights about what to expect and how to prepare for 2018.

Watch webinar ›

Inventory Update
Operations Manager

Stores the stock inventory data details of each warehouse. Add/remove/update stock values, dispatch updates of stock, vendors/distributors attached to each warehouse details can be tracked using this app.

Order Management
Wholesalers, Retailers, Consumers

Manage orders of any magnitude via a digital app.

Audit/Employee Schedule
Auditors, Field Managers, Supervisors

Schedule an audit or inspection via an app.

Price Comparison App
Business Owners, Consumers

Compare prices between commodities of choice, view specifications, reviews, and ratings.

Store Layout Map
Store Staff, Consumers

Allow consumers to quickly reach the aisle of choice, navigate to common places like restrooms, safe assembly areas, emergency exits, nearest exits, the parking lot, etc.

Check List App

An app to make a checklist for shopping, travel, vacation, etc.

Promotions and Coupons

A one-stop reference for the gamut of discounts and coupons available across any business. The app will be smart enough to notify location, profession, or season specific discounts.

Loyalty Programs

Make a checklist for shopping, travel, vacation, etc.

Inventory Management
Warehouse Staff

Manage inventory of goods. Order, track, store, and maintain records for goods.


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