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Increase connectivity—and therefore lead generation and sales—by embracing mobile apps that allow sales and marketing to connect to customers and each other.

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Sales & Marketing Use Cases

Field Sales
Sales Force

Help the sales force that’s in the field visit assigned leads, present projects and collateral, suggest orders, generate orders, block orders on credit, pay for orders, collect feedback, etc.

Product Demos
Sales Force

Assist sales force to display product catalogs to customers with multiple variations. They can also show more information about the product, pricing, etc.

Distributors/Suppliers Information

The solution helps distributors track information about distribution channels, inventory, stock movement, availability, demand, and supply of vendors, etc.

Target Dashboards

Understand salesforce performance in achieving assigned targets to them. Display revenue generations, area/region wise performance of products/services in the market.

Portfolio Management
Sales Heads/Employees

Help sales employees understand a company’s portfolio of products and/or services while showcasing analytics on product categories and their performance in appropriate markets.

Promotions Design (Coupons, Discounts, Etc.)
Marketing Managers

Allow marketing managers to fully utilize the power of loyalty programs via individualized updates and promotions that are sent when certain triggers occur (such as a text message for a flash sale when the registered user is within half a mile of the store).

Order Tracking System
Operations Manager/Delivery Boys/Customers

Assists in staging the order and can be both for delivery boys/operations manager or even customers. Also gives information about the product stage, time taken to reach the destination, issues, etc.

ERP update shelf space etc.
Operations Manager

Aids in updating the software about the products sold on the shelves in regular interval of time, fast moving products, stock keeping, number of items sold on a day etc.

Assign Customers/Leads
Sales Head/Zonal Heads

Assign leads based upon location and feasibility—all via an easy to use mobile app.

Operations Manager

Utilize the integration of various third party wallets/payment gateways to pay into one digital wallet for ease.

Combo App CRM like My Airtel App
End Users

A combination of multiple apps. Multiple services are offered as a part of it and the user can utilize this single app to access information/downloads, etc. from all apps at once.

CRM – Suggestions like HUL’s Lakme Fashion App
End Users

FMCG companies can use mobile apps such as fashion guides, makeup tutorials and suggestions, and more to build brand loyalty to increase consumer engagement

Campaign Management/Execution
Marketing Managers

Marketing managers need apps to design and execute campaigns, generate reports on campaign execution, consumer base, sales volume, etc.

End Users

Apps for end users who use the campaigns run by various companies like upload selfies/testimonials of products/services, play a game, etc.

Advertising Reports
B2B C Level Executives/Marketers

Helps a company associated with an advertising agency or Digital Marketing company to get the reports of the company's performance on ads published in various channels on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. It can also help in understanding the brand assessments, brand performance in the market, brand recall, etc.

Advertising Revenues
Advertising CEO/MDs

Helps in project budgets, revenues earned, their clients, rating the clients as per categories, etc.

Trade Show Lead Generation Apps
Event Organizers, Event Participants, Public

Event apps with geo sensors built in which enable event attendees to participate in live contests, photo sharing, and enable event sponsors to harness leads of booth attendees. Apps can be linked to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Testimonials/Complaints Registration
End Users

Helps in registering complaints or writing testimonials or providing feedback about a product/service/brand/company. Complaints addressed, their status updates can be provided to customers accordingly.

Testimonials/Complaints Registration
Operations Manager

Ops Manager can assign the complaints to respective departments to address the issue, maintain a log of issues, etc. Positive testimonials/reviews can be pushed back on websites to increase visibility and word of mouth.