Every industry can benefit from the use of mobile applications. Even, well, mobile itself (along with other telecommunications companies and service providers).

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Kony AppVantage™ Custom

Telecom Use Cases


Helps the retailer notify their customers when their balance is low, when their plan expires, when they have special offers/promotions, when there is a service maintenance etc. An app that the retailer can use to solve all grievances quickly, receive customer feedback, trigger survey for analysis and offer best customer service.

Wallet Payment App

A wallet app that consumers can use for bill payment of their phone/ mobile data/ DTH services etc., without having to log in to their bank accounts.

One-Place Consumer Services (CRM)

A single app for services like wireless, landline, broadband etc., offered by a service provider. Using the app a customer can view their account balance, recharge, view bills and payment history, real time information on various services, access various deals/offers, access customer support to raise complaints, and much more.

Dealer App
Service Providers

Sales person at dealer outlet can show various plans to customer, capture customer data, recommend plan based on user inputs, access sales enablement material using mobile app. Dealers can access their account with company, get alerts and notifications, access relevant information, make payment, order marketing collateral and submit reports.

Signal and monitoring App
Service Providers

Allows a telecommunications service provider to connect and establish business with vendors, third party service/contact centers, networking equipment dealers, provisioning service team, verification services, installation services, and local exchange services.

KYC App for New Connection
Field Sales Workforce

Help field sales workforce to verify consumer documentation and identity proof, help with a hassle-free connection set up, etc. The app eases the job of address verification, SIM delivery, mandatory documentation and signature collection process, etc., before setting up a connection.

Connect Me

Serves all or most of the below features:

  • While in a remote area, app points you to the direction where the signal is strong to that the User can move close to said direction.
  • Allows User to easily locate nearby public networks
  • Allows User to see the best places for strong signal strength
  • Speed test feature allows User to test the true speed of a connection (download, upload & latency).
  • Network selection—allows User to see which carrier is best in a specific location
  • Allows User to view the map of local cell towers

Network Tracking
Field Sales Workforse

Exclusively for the field sales workforce which enables them to do the field test or monitor network conditions. The app supports the following features:

  • Indoor signal measurements
  • Outdoor signal measurement (tunnels and places with bad GPS reception)
  • Signal/network serving and neighbor cells measurements
  • SMS test sequence for monitoring SMS successful sending and delivering