Over the past twenty years or so, the internet has completely changed the way we travel. Get the app you need and stay ahead.

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Kony AppVantage™ Custom

Travel Use Cases

My Flight
Travelers, Travel Agents

Book flights, hotels, and cars all at once. Manage boarding passes, see flight details, check in to your hotel, view visa requirements, get directions to the airport, get suggestions for things to do, and get an Uber

Flight Tracking App

Track flight details, check on delays, gate numbers, or flight status changes. Pull up an airport map (complete with directions to the closest Starbucks) so that you don’t get lost, and receive travel updates via SMS, email, or push notifications.

Weather App

Provide travelers with an intuitive app that offers weather reports and suggestions for the best time to visit a particular destination.

Checklist App

Provide travelers with an app that includes a shopping list, packing list, information on baggage allowances, etc.—based upon data such as destination, season, length of trip, etc.—and make their trip much easier. Frequent flyers and amateurs alike would appreciate this.

Trip Advisory

Provide suggestions based upon information such as travel month, duration, interests, budget, purpose, etc.

Travel Agent

Create an app that allows travel agents to make reservations, publish promotions, provide travel assistance, share maps, and send alerts to customers—all from one place. Free cocktails for social media integration.

Loyalty and Rewards
Travelers, Travel Agents

Manage frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and other travel loyalty programs all from one convenient app—including the ability to book flights or hotel rooms, redeem special loyalty offers, etc.

Travel Publishers and Tourism Board App
Travel & Tourism

Photo directories, descriptions, ratings, reviews, promotions, and more, the possibilities are endless.

Passenger Management
Aircraft Crew

Allows aircraft crew members to manage passenger requests and needs, along with security and health compliance, and immigration information, would be beyond useful.

Crew Management
Aircraft Admin, Supervisor

Manage your crew, plan shifts, make accommodations, and communicate with crew members seamlessly.

Concierge App
Travel agent/companies

For travelers to manage their holiday end to end-booking of flight, hotel & cabs, providing preferences, special requests. Travel companies can provide a customized experience to guests.

In-flight Entertainment App

For travelers to view videos, movies, audio, and news using in-flight Wi-Fi.

Flight Planning App
Crew Members

For pilots for flight planning, roster management, viewing real-time weather reports, airport info, flight logging, routing, document management, hazard awareness, and more.

Cargo/Freight Management App
Ground Team

For cargo/freight team to manage shipments, set up notifications for status updates, shipment history, search for shipment, contact respective stakeholders, send invoices, etc.

Aircraft Maintenance App

For engineers to access manuals, parts, and other critical info to resolve maintenance issues, collaborate with co-workers remotely by sharing maintenance issues, pictures of damaged parts, add notes, etc.

Aircraft Inspection App
Engineers & Technicians

Allows pilots and engineers to perform regular inspections, check fuel facilities, and report issues. Digital forms to be filled in, integrate with multiple devices to read data.

Flight Experience
Cabin Crew, Travel Agents, Travelers

Journey information management, personalized passenger recovery management, customer feedback capture directly via survey or feedback form or through social media.

Aircraft Checklist
Ground Service/Pilot

Provides a checklist that needs to be taken care of before a flight's departure. The app can be used by pilots or the ground team to verify and submit the checklist to the back-end system. In case of any discrepancy the technician team can be informed immediately and the fault can be taken care of ASAP.

Fuel & Hanger Request

Exclusively for Pilots to request fuel and hangrage

Food & Catering
Airport Personnel

For Airport/Aircraft personnel that helps with placing meal orders as per passenger request, collect meal packs, arrange/stack as per flight schedule, track garbage disposal, etc.