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Transform your utility with mobile

Digital technologies are quickly becoming a catalyst for change across the utility industry. Mobile represents an opportunity to streamline operations, increase productivity, and improve service delivery. To realize these benefits, utility companies must design a “mobile first” experience to deliver the best customer experience and remain innovative within the rapidly changing industry.

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Field Service Solutions for Utilities

Mobilize your utility workforce

Kony's Field Service Solution for Utilities addresses asset management, plant maintenance and other use cases through real-time incident reporting, work order execution and management and project planning in an integrated suite of apps.

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Kony Field Service Solutions for Utilities
Kony Field Service Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Create a better service experience and efficient notification process

  • Utility technicians, contractors and customers can create and manage their own service requests
  • Proactively raise notifications and alerts of problems or issues
  • Interface with IoT

Work Order Execution and Management

Execute work orders and tasks in the field such as maintenance or inspection/measurements checklists and inventory management

  • Easy management of notifications assigned to technicians
  • Visualize work orders and tasks in list or map
  • Fast identification and response to prioritized and scheduled tasks
  • Check history, create notes and capture photos of work
  • Ensure available parts & material to mitigate service delays
  • Enhanced and efficient control of time & materials
  • Check inventory in real-time

Kony Field Service Work Order Execution and Management
Kony Field Service Project Planning

Project Planning

Plan and schedule work, allocate resources and track progress

  • Easily create work orders, tasks and inspection requests
  • Smart allocation of resources such as personnel, materials required and equipment
  • Native integration with maps and geolocation capabilities
  • Enables real-time contextual collaboration between technicians and back office

Kony Custom Solutions for Utilities

Empowering digital transformation

Kony’s AppVantage™ custom solutions provide Utilities with custom-built mobile apps for streamlining operations, increasing productivity, and improving service delivery.

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Energy & Utility Use Cases

Site Maintenance/Site Audit
Maintenance Technicians

Schedule site visits, record inspection details, capture orders for replacements or repairs and update inspection data

Enterprise Asset Management (Includes IoT) Service Providers

  • Manage the details of assets that have been installed on multiple sites, complete with their job history.
  • View manufacturer, serial numbers, location, purchase, and warranty details of assets.
  • Move assets between sites with movement auditing.
  • Manage replacement due schedules of assets.
  • Manage assets via Internet of Things (IoT) technology by capturing asset details via Bluetooth, and utilize the ability to operate the asset on the network
  • Link assets to specific jobs.

Work Order Management
Field Technicians

Enables field service technicians to:

  • Lookup daily tasks/jobs
  • Track daily tasks/jobs
  • Update logs
  • Record work order details
  • Information and metadata are sent to the back-end system for convenience at the enterprise-level.

Energy Use

From energy usage monitoring, set thresholds and alerts, manage billing, plans, and payments. Improve the ability to track and keep facilities up and running more efficiently.

Catalogs & Manuals
Marketing Team, Sales Executives

Features interactive demos, videos, catalogs and manuals for various plans and services including pricing.

Safety & Procedures
Employees, Service Providers

Manage safety procedures, manuals, inspection forms, compliance policies, etc. to ensure employee safety.

Customer Management
Service Providers

Enables service providers to view jobs, invoices, and equipment under contract with predictive analysis

IoT Apps
Consumers (Home Owners)

Control air conditioning, heating, appliances, lights, and even entertainment. Allows consumers to control energy at home from work, on vacation, or half a world away.

Lead Capture
Sales Executives, Field Technicians

Ability to capture leads, generate quotes, and create proposals on the spot

Utility Resources

A White Paper by Kony, Inc. and Energy Central:
How Mobility Can Help Utilities Transformation to Digital Organizations

Find out how you can help your organization meet the unique demands of today’s digital world.

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