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Your Mobile App Isn't Just for Banking - APAC ›

Wed, Feb 17, 2016 10:00 AM SGT

For years, bank executives have thought of their mobile apps and sites as informational and transactional touchpoints for existing customers conducting day-to-day banking activities. But leading brands in other industries have recognized the potential for mobile-as-a-destination. This does not mean trying to turn your company into something completely separate from banking – it means innovating the adjacent possible.

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2016 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions ›

Digital innovation continues to transform the retail banking industry. Understanding the trends and upcoming changes impacting the industry will allow financial institutions to position themselves well for future success.  

Is your mobile banking strategy doomed? ›

Mobile is rapidly transforming the retail banking industry. Banks that don’t provide easy-to-use, compelling mobile apps will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Banks that can continuously innovate and keep up with the pace of change will increase customer loyalty, reduce costs and ultimately, increase revenue.

7 Steps to Mobile Testing ›

Want to reduce mobile application time-to-market and return valuable time back to your business cycle?
Find out how in our upcoming webinar, 7 Steps to Mobile Testing. You’ll hear seven key techniques that result in faster, yet more comprehensive, testing cycles that are better aligned with product strategies and market goals, as well as:

How the Internet of Things will Disrupt your Enterprise ›

There is a quiet revolution brewing in IT that is prepped to explode. 

From wearables and small sensors to entire smarter cities, the Internet of Things is poised to change the way we interact with the world around us. Enterprises are already predicting both short term and long term impacts on how they operate and sell, but what does the IoT really mean for your business? 

Do you have a strategy for capitalizing on and managing the IoT? And how can you prepare so that you’re ahead of the competition? 

Beyond the App: How to Evolve Your Mobile Strategy ›

How do you introduce a new channel into an organization like Medical Mutual of Ohio that is also undergoing major disruptions in the way they’ve always done business? While there is tremendous attention to the changes in the healthcare industry, other industries and organizations face similar disruptions and challenges in meeting strategic goals. The key is building a strategy and an implementation plan, execution and constant evolution. This conversation will be an open dialogue of the challenges and constant evolution in strategy and execution.

Create Mobile Apps That Drive Powerful Business Value ›

Explosive growth in mobile app adoption continues in every industry, consumer sector and geographic region. To manage this growing demand, businesses need to quickly and efficiently create and deploy mobile applications that deliver significant value back to the business. We’ve entered the age of rapid mobile app development (RMAD) in which business users can leverage codeless assembly, business process mapping and code generation tools to get apps out the door.

Taking Your Mobile Initiative Global – How to Ramp Up Faster and Be More Flexible ›

Best practices for accelerating the time to value of your global mobile initiatives while responding to unique user requirements in different global geographies.
Mobile offers tremendous opportunities for expanding your business – providing the speed, ability and connectivity to engage customers anywhere, everywhere, anytime. All around us innovative mobile strategies are energizing existing revenue channels, opening up new geographic markets and enabling entirely new business models.  

2015 Mobile Trends, featuring Gartner  ›

Whether apps, apps, and more apps are in your plans for 2015 or you’re rolling out your first mobile app, there are mobile trends that you should be aware of that will impact your mobile strategy.

Unlock the Potential of your Businesses’ Mobile Moments with a Winning App Strategy  ›


Does your enterprise have an app strategy that will engage your customers and employees in their mobile moments? A winning mobile app strategy drives increased loyalty and revenue from customers and improved productivity from employees. A winning app strategy starts with a mobile-first approach that identifies mobile moments and adapts to the changing demands of your customer and workforce.

Mobile Strategy for the Business Owner: The What, Why, and How of Great Apps ›

As a business professional, you know that mobile can play a huge role in meeting your team’s objectives. What you may not know is how to get there: What it takes to balance the strategy, processes, technology, and collaboration required to make mobile a success.

We can help. Join us for ”Mobile Strategy for the Business Owner: The What, Why, and How of Great Apps,” to get a business-centric perspective on your mobile options and opportunities. Topics covered include:

Enterprise Mobility in Life Sciences: Tackling Real Issues Head On ›

The Life Sciences industry has been off to a slow start in reaping the benefits of enterprise mobility. Besides stringent regulations, the lack of grounding related to the real issues has delayed adoption. Companies that are looking to get ahead in the race to mobile will have to quickly cut through the hype, and get to the heart of the real issues.

Join Kony and IGate to hear real world experiences from three industry veterans with specializations in diverse tracks of mobility as they share lessons to improve the odds of success. The key areas of discussion will include:

Mobilizing CRM: The Next Generation of Enterprise Applications (featuring IDC) ›

Duration: 60 minutes

Who should attend: IT/Sales leaders

The current state of enterprise applications installations are in need of an upgrade. In order for employees to consume and leverage critical data (often locked within backend systems), enterprises are turning to mobile as a primary channel for accessing information at the point of customer engagement.

Building a Successful Mobile Strategy: A How-To Guide (featuring IDC) ›

Original air date: 6/25/14 (60 minutes)

Who should attend: Mobile Strategiests (IT and Line of Business functions)

You know that your business needs a mobile strategy. But how do you build one that’s realistic and innovative, doable today and designed for the future?

Find out in “Building a Successful Mobile Strategy: A How-To Guide” with IDC and Kony.

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

Google Glass and the Enterprise ›

Who should attend: Enterprise IT and Line of Business functions; Technology Enthusiasts

Google Glass is not just the next big thing but a game changer for many industries. It’s changing the way individuals interact with their environments and one another and creating new paradigms for working and collaboration.

Join Venture Aviator and Kony to hear how organizations are driving efficiencies and developing new processes by leveraging the flexibility of Google Glass.

This webinar will discuss:

The Power of a Mobile Field Service Team: How to Maximize Customer Value ›

Who should watch: Sales/IT leaders

The consumerization of IT brings a wealth of opportunity for field service organisations to make next generation mobile investments. However, integrating new technologies with legacy systems and building a coordinated mobility strategy can prove to be real roadblocks to project success.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

Trends in Mobile App Development ›

Duration: 45 minutes

Who should attend: Developers/IT leadership

Though developing apps is much easier than it once was, deciding whether to go native, web or hybrid is still a difficult decision. The development approach needs to also be considered. Should I use open-standards like JavaScript and HTML5 or leverage a proprietary language like C#, XCode, or Java? 

Best practices for Enterprise Mobility Management: an Executive guide to next generation EMM ›

Who should attend: IT security leaders, IT Executives

Enterprise Mobility Management has finally taken a technology leap forward. With BYOD still a major pain point and more employees than ever wanting to use their mobile device for work and demanding high quality enterprise apps, how can you take advantage of new innovations to make both IT and users happy with the enterprise mobile experience?

Developing Great Mobile Apps From The Outside In - A Kony Webinar featuring Forrester  ›

Duration: 60 minutes

Who should listen in: Developers, General IT audience

In the age of the customer, a great mobile experience is more important than ever. To create one takes effective, hi-bandwidth collaboration between designers and developers - but what are the best practices that ensure what you build delivers the five star experience your designers envisioned?

Creating Business Value from Mobile-first Development Practices: A Kony webinar featuring IDC ›

Who should attend: IT leaders

IDC recently conducted a survey of 400 IT leaders in the United States, and found that companies that make strategic investments in mobility are realizing significantly higher levels of meaningful business benefits than those that do not.

How do they do it? Join this webinar to find out. You’ll get IDC’s analysis of the survey results, learn how your peers are capitalizing on mobility, and hear proven best practices on how to:

Internet of Things: Understanding the Business Impact ›

Duration: 45 minutes

Who should attend: Technology Enthusiasts

Google's recent purchase of home automated product company Nest has kicked the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) into high gear reality. We are inevitably moving towards a completely inter-connected world in which every device/machine we interact with on a day-to-day basis will be connected to the internet and intelligently sharing information with one another (i.e. M2M).

HTML5: What's Fact, What's Fiction? ›

Duration: 45 minutes

Who should attend: IT Strategy, Developers, IT Directors+

HTML5 arrived with great fanfare and promised to create an open platform that would solve many problems created by the proliferation of mobile operating systems and desktop browsers.

2014 - When banks get smarter… A Kony/Brett King Webinar ›

Who should listen in: Financial services IT and business leaders

What does 2014 hold for the financial services sector? Will it be big data, more mobile, social or something else? In our 60 min webinar Brett King delves into the coming 12 months and his big predictions for the financial services space. We don’t want to give away too much, but we think you’ll be surprised by some of his conclusions. For example, will Africa drive the future of the mobile bank account? You’ll have to attend this Kony webinar to find out more, including:

EMM in 2014: 5 Things Enterprises Can Expect ›

2013 witnessed a lot of shake-ups in the enterprise mobility management landscape with major mergers and acquisitions and the transition to a more rounded solution that went beyond MDM. As more enterprises recognize the need for a sophisticated EMM solution, find out what the changes in 2013 mean for your EMM strategy and the five things you can expect in an EMM solution as we head into the new year.

In this 45 min. webinar, we will cover:

Off-the-Shelf Apps vs. Platform: Choose the Right Approach for Your Business ›

Who should attend: Directors, managers, and VPs of IT; Developers; IT admins

Enterprise organizations require enterprise-grade mobile solutions. But how do you choose the right approach? Off-the-shelf apps vs. a platform, HTML5 vs. native, not to mention capabilities like offline access and device support… the options can be overwhelming.

We can help. In this 45 minute webinar, you’ll learn how to:

B2C to B2E: Extending Your Mobility Strategy to Mobilise Your Workforce ›

Who should attend: VP / director / head of sales, operations, marketing, IT, and enterprise architecture from the financial services sector.

Most banks and insurance companies have deployed customer facing applications, and are realising the benefits (and challenges!) of engaging customers directly through mobile technology.

What Banks Need to Know to Overcome Disintermediation – A Kony/Brett King Webinar ›

Who should attend: IT and mobility executives at banks

If you're seeking to stay ahead of non-traditional financial institutions intermediating financial transactions, this webinar is for you. Join Kony and Brett King for an in-depth look at the opportunities inherent in today's mobile technology and the strategies banks need to overcome new challenges.

Join us to find out:

Next Generation Mobility: Becoming an Experience Enterprise ›

It has become imperative for your enterprise to transform your employee and customer app experiences to drive productivity and business growth - but how can IT meet these market needs?

Find out when you join us for the unveiling of the new Kony Experience Cloud, an integrated platform to design, develop, and manage multi-channel experiences.

Learn how the Kony Experience Cloud empowers your organization to:

The Next Generation of Cloud-Enabled Mobile App Development ›

Who should attend:

Developers, IT Admins, Product Managers and Directors, Mobile Strategists, Mobile Evangelists, Mobile Business Analysts 

Developing mobile apps today consists of bundling together disparate tools for front-end UI design and back-end integration by coding in multiple languages. The next wave of app development will move away from these point solution tools to integrated products that leverage the cloud for multi-channel app development. 

Evolution of Enterprise Mobility Management: Dynamic Context-Aware Policies ›

Who Should Attend:

IT Admins, IT Security Managers, Mobile Strategists, VP (IT), CIO

Join us to get to know the Kony Management Cloud, the least intrusive and most situation-aware EMM suite on the market. Learn about features like per user pricing, rapid cloud deployment, and intelligent automation, as well as an intuitive console that lets you enroll mobile devices in minutes, configure 200+ policy variables, and automate policy management with rule-based violation management.

Find out how the Kony Management Cloud enables:

Product Deep Dive: Kony Mobility Manager – Device ›

Who should listen in: IT Security Managers, IT/LOB Execs

Get to know Kony Mobility Manager for device management in this in-depth webinar. You’ll get a better understanding on the current state of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) industry and what Kony’s MDM has accomplished in the current market.  

This webinar also covers:

Product Deep Dive: Kony Enterprise Mobility Manager – Applications ›

Who should listen in: IT Security Managers, IT/LOB Execs

Get to know Kony Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) in this in-depth webinar. You’ll get a better understanding on the current state of the mobile application management (MAM) industry and how EMM from Kony takes MAM to the next level.

This webinar covers:

Mobile Retail: Driving Engagement and Revenue with Multi-Channel Strategies ›

Who should listen in: Retailers – line of business 

Mobile retail is exploding. Studies show that mobile influence on store and e-commerce sales will reach $689 billion and $226 billion respectively by 2016. But are retailers doing enough to keep up with the new devices and channels constantly entering the market?

Success in the Field: Mobile Workforce Deployment ›

A range of smart grid projects and faster wireless communications are driving mobility in the utility sector. With the number of mobile software solutions and apps available today, utilities can deliver field mobility that integrates operations, drives efficiencies and enhances user experiences. However, this is a deployment that can be fraught with challenges.

This webinar will go over:

Retail Banking 3.0 ›

Friday June 28, 2013  9:00AM PT/12:00PM ET

Mobility in Retail Banking has seen tremendous growth with numerous live deployments in the last couple of years globally and with most Retail Banks providing a mobile presence for their customers.  The key question now for Retail Banks is what's next in innovation?  Do they have what it takes to stay ahead of the game and attract the rising class of mobile-only users? 

This 45 min webinar will explore:

Mobility & Commercial Banking - A Natural Fit ›

Wednesday June 19th, 2013  11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET

With Commercial Banking slowly getting out of the recent massive fiscal crisis and requiring to adhere to new regulation to control risk, there still needs to be considerable work done to regain and improve customer trust.  Commercial banks will be required to spend on new technologies in the short-term to offer better personal service in an effort to regain customer trust, while looking to improve efficiency of internal processes.  

The Untapped Potential of Mobile Apps for Commercial Customers ›

Who should listen in:

VP, Directors, CIO's in Financial Services organizations

It’s challenging to provide enterprise mobile apps to commercial clients. Not only do the apps need to be secure but they need to work on multiple operating systems and devices. Developing a variety of apps puts a very real burden on IT staffs and increases costs for financial institutions. 

This webinar will cover:

Ensuring User Adoption - How To Guarantee Your Mobile App Will Get Used ›

Make sure your app lives up to its potential and that your investment pays off with "Ensuring User Adoption: How to Guarantee Your App Will Get Used." Learn how to empower your employees to make the most of your mobile offering.
Topics covered include:

  • Designing your app with your users in mind
  • Involving end users in your mobile initiative
  • Making the most of early adopters
  • Education and uptake programs
  • Incentivizing and rewarding your users