Kony Visualizer

Meet Kony Visualizer 7, the most comprehensive app design and development suite on the planet.

Stop pushing pixels and start creating native apps.

Kony Visualizer is an integrated, intuitive development environment for prototyping and building fully native mobile and web applications across phones, tablets, wearables and desktops – all from a single code base.

start creating native apps
start creating native apps
Publish and share native prototypes
Publish and Share native prototypes

Define. Design. Deliver.

Publish and share native prototypes and app designs with real-time app previews and collaboration—all in a unified, shared design environment.

Experience the power of full stack design and development.

With all the capabilities of native design, native prototyping, development, and deployment in a single tool,
Kony Visualizer can lower overall app development time by up to 50%.

Kony Visualizer full stack design and development

Design natively, deploy universally.

Kony Visualizer is the front end of our powerful, multi-channel JS API framework
and enables designers and developers to securely deploy across all devices.

Visualize the possibilities

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