WYSIWYM (What you see is what you mobilize) app canvas for rapid wireframing and native prototyping.

iOS, Android, Windows, and mobile web across all devices—including wearables—using familiar design tools and native drawing libraries.

Build native apps across devices, platforms, and channels
with a shared JavaScript code base.

Kony Visualizer is the front end of our powerful, multi-channel JS API framework and enables designers
and developers to securely deploy across a multitude of devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, desktops, and
wearables on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry operating systems.




Access powerful native device capabilities like maps, browser, touch ID, SMS, etc. without writing code or drop down into our powerful Javascript API libraries for customization.


The Kony Native API Engine:
Complete coverage for all iOS and Android native capabilities.

  • Direct access to any iOS and Android native API from Javascript
  • Mix and match Omni-channel APIs and UX with Native Function UX
  • Import any Native API from Visualizer
  • Complimentary to existing extensibility with FFI (Foreign Function Interface)


Develop native, hybrid, and web apps from a shared code base using your JavaScript skills.

Access the native capabilities of every device and easily write cross-platform code with Kony Multi-Channel Javascript APIs. Our Mobile-first APIs take advantage of the native APIs through JavaScript—using the JavaScript syntax, but with native semantics—and support both UI and non-UI APIs. We have also introduced Bluetooth, Zip and Unzip, and Watch APIs.

* Example showing the cross-platform animation and image manipulation Api's on a widget snapshot
function transformImage(){
  	//Performing image manipulation on a widget snapshot
  	var imgFlight = kony.image.createImageFromSnapShot(frmDashboard.imageOne);
        var filterObj = kony.filter.createFilter();
  	filterData = {
        "filterName": kony.filter.BOX_BLUR,
        "inputImage": imgFlight,
        "inputRadius": 10
   	var imageObj = filterObj.getOutputImage();
  	//Applying a 3D transform
	var animateObj = kony.ui.makeAffineTransform();
   	frmDashboard.flxInput.anchorPoint = {"x":0.5,"y":0};

Masters Multi-Channel Template Engine is a robust, reusable templating framework to support real world use cases and helps lower app development time by up to 50% with extensive, reusable templates and objects.

  • Utilize a single cross-platform canvas for defining your Masters
  • Channel independent (same master can apply to phone, tablet, and desktop)
  • Instantiate Masters within other Masters, and within containers or forms across channels


The Kony Hybrid Web Engine:
Mix and match native, web, and hybrid approaches in a single app.

  • Use any open-source framework in your web view, such as Jquery, Bootstrap, and Angular
  • Import an existing hybrid web app and mix with Kony native UX
  • Package web content locally in your app
  • Live HTML5 preview in Visualizer
  • Seamlessly transfer between native and web contexts

Leverage point-and-click integration to your enterprise systems through Kony MobileFabric.

  • Discover all available services and business objects within enterprise systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM)
  • Map backend fields directly into your app
  • Test connections immediately for data accuracy
  • Define custom web service fields specific to your app
  • Leverage simplified APIs with standardized widget properties, exceptions and propagations



Kony Visualizer’s multi-channel widget library provides cross-platform, native,
and web widgets for faster, production-grade app design and development.




Extend your native framework to easily incorporate custom code and open, third party libraries.

  • Use an import wizard for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows code
  • Incorporate device peripherals such as near field communications (NFC), barcodes, signature capture, and Bluetooth
  • Leverage a single JavaScript cloud API to access custom code


Have the peace of mind to develop securely.

Develop a highly secure app right out of the box with our advanced security capabilities, including best-in-class binary protection within the native framework libraries.

  • Security PCI, HIPAA, and FIPS140-2 compliant multi-edge solution
  • Cryptography support for HMAC based algorithms
  • TripleDES and PBKDF2
  • White box cryptography and support for 2 way SSL
  • Binary and tamper protection

Design and develop end-to-end Apple Watch applications in the application canvas—including glances and notifications.

  • Add business logic using our Watch APIs to build a communication channel between the mobile application and the watch.
  • Easily provide multi-language support through internationalization.
  • At build time, the Apple Watch canvas will be converted into an Xcode storyboard.

Quickly convert your existing Adobe Photoshop designs to Visualizer forms to build forms 8-10x faster and then use Global and Layer specific settings to customize during conversion.

  • Set global layer settings
  • Configure layer-specific settings in the Photoshop CC 2014 and 2015 extension panel – your specific conversion settings are stored within the PSD for future use
  • Utilize automated form and widget creation
  • Export all layers, or only visible layers
  • Convert text layers to buttons, labels, text boxes, and more
  • Convert layer sets to flex and flex scroll containers
  • Convert layer styles to Visualizer skin properties
  • Rasterize specific layers to exported PNG files
  • Configure DP conversion settings


Publish your app to the cloud for instant sharing then view live native prototypes on mobile devices using Kony App Preview.

Available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store.



Add notes directly to app preview and automatically sync with Visualizer through the cloud.

Supported technologies


  • Native
  • Mobile web: HTML4, HTML5(SPA), legacy (non HTML)
  • Hybrid

Future proofed

  • 30 day guaranteed support for upgrades to an existing OS
  • 90 day guaranteed support for new OS’s

Technology connectors & web services

  • ERP/CRM (SAP, Oracle, PSFT, JDEdwards, Sharept)
  • MQ Series
  • JDBC/ODBC (Oracle DB2, SQL Server)
  • Salesforce

Visualize the Possibilities

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