Flexible deployment options

Kony offers flexible digital application deployment models, including cloud application deployment and on-premise deployment, to fit the needs of your business. All options enable an enterprise-grade environment with geo-redundant high availability.

Public Cloud

Register for a free Kony Cloud account and launch any of our cloud services within minutes
  • Invite other users to your account and manage their access to each of your cloud services
  • Securely integrate your Kony backend services with your enterprise data center
  • Utilize our business intelligence services to view analytics and reports
  • Grow your environment automatically through elastic scaling

Managed private cloud application deployment

  • Run in a dedicated environment tailored to your specific requirements
  • Utilize Kony Support to manage your environment and releases
  • Choose from virtual private cloud application deployment or dedicated physical hardware options
  • Create a secure VPN connection to your enterprise data center
  • Set your own maintenance windows to apply patches and upgrades

On-premise deployment

  • Deploy completely on premise in your own enterprise data center
  • Maintain complete control of system access, patches, and upgrades
  • Leverage Kony Support for assistance at any step along the way

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The Kony difference

All Kony-managed mobile application deployments come with:

  • Worry-free maintenance
    Kony manages all your maintenance needs including disaster recovery, automated system backups, Kony software upgrades, and server patch management
  • Proactive monitoring
    Kony proactively monitors hardware and applications to maintain system health and resolve performance issues
  • High availability
    Kony delivers highly available infrastructure powered by market leaders Rackspace and Amazon AWS Cloud, providing 99.95% uptime SLAs
  • Security compliance
    Kony deployments comply with the strictest of security requirements. Learn more about Kony’s security standards.
  • Secure enterprise connectors
    Your app components can connect to your enterprise systems via signed SSL certificates or dedicated virtual private network (VPN) connections
  • Real-time analytics
    Achieve clear visibility and real-time insights across app usage and user engagement, with drill-down capabilities by channel, device, and operating system
  • Multi-region support
    Choose a geo-region to house and support your Kony Cloud infrastructure
  • Kony Cloud mobile app
    Use Kony's own iOS or Android mobile app to monitor, track, and adjust your Kony Cloud activity

In addition to the features above, cloud application deployments also include:

  • Testing and production in the cloud
    Kony provides full support for every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) from development and testing to staging and production of your clouds
  • Auto-scaling
    Kony proactively monitors and automatically adds capacity when needed
  • Pay-per-use pricing
    Only pay for what you use
  • Management console
    Access and manage all aspects of your cloud configurations and instances via an easy, web-based interfaces

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