Kony Cloud – Faster app delivery and improved agility at a lower cost

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Automation and management built on the AWS and Azure Clouds

The Kony Cloud provides a layer of automation and management that leverages the powerful capabilities of either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure to ensure that your apps run seamlessly. It is engineered to provide the best possible experience for enterprise-level apps. Helping ensure that your apps work anywhere, anytime, on any device or platform.

Kony Cloud is specifically designed to deploy omni-channel applications delivered as web apps or native apps across mobile tablet, and desktop channels. It provides the complete end-to-end service delivery lifecycle, allowing you to design, build, deploy, manage and analyze your app performance within a single connected environment.

Kony Cloud advantages

Speed and agility

  • Automated provisioning of new environments
  • High availability architecture with certified business continuity controls
  • Elastic scaling of capacity based on user traffic
  • Secure and high-performance enterprise connectivity VPN service


  • Reduced costs using leading cloud infrastructure providers
  • No hardware or personnel investments required to install and support physical servers
  • Automated security patching and software maintenance
  • No long-term licenses required

Security and control

  • Built-in backups and system monitoring
  • Mission-critical support via a 24x7 Network Operations Center
  • Industry-leading security certifications
  • Access controls, versioning, and auditing for built-in governance
  • Business analytics and operational reporting dashboards
The Kony Cloud Advantage eBook

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Our new eBook, The Kony Cloud Advantage, provides technical information for IT decision makers looking to evaluate cloud deployment options that meet the needs of enterprise-level organizations.

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Flexible cloud deployment options

Kony offers flexible cloud-based digital application deployment models to fit the needs of your business. All Kony Cloud deployment options enable an enterprise-grade environment with geo-redundant high availability.

Public Cloud

  • Invite other users to your account and manage their access to each of your cloud services.
  • Securely integrate your Kony backend services with your enterprise data center.
  • View analytics and reports using our business intelligence services.
  • Grow your environment automatically through elastic scaling.
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Managed private cloud

  • Run in a dedicated environment tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Manage your environment and releases using Kony Support.
  • Choose from virtual private cloud application deployment or dedicated physical hardware options.
  • Create a secure VPN connection to your enterprise data center.
  • Set your own maintenance windows to apply patches and upgrades.
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