Learn how Kony helps Partners Federal Credit Union rapidly deliver innovative apps to Cast Members of the Walt Disney Company.

This tutorial introduces you to the process of submitting a component to Marketplace. Watch this to prepare yourself for uploading your component to Marketplace.

This tutorial introduces you to Kony Private Marketplace, which helps you host components with in your enterprise.

This video tutorial introduces Kony Marketplace and covers downloading the components from the Marketplace, how to access Kony Marketplace from Visualizer, and importing assets from Marketplace to Visualizer.

This tutorial covers Reference Architecture within the Kony AppPlatform.

This tutorial will introduce you to data adapters from Marketplace which can be used in your applications.

This video tutorial will help you to get started authoring UI components and creating custom components within Visualizer Enterprise.

Kony and SoftBank enable ANA to deliver mobile apps that track passenger information, report maintenance issues

Kony CTO, Bill Bodin, covers advanced technology integrations in the Kony Retail Banking Solution. Featuring Face ID authentication and Chatbots!