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Visualization services - ability to access and publish prototypes is unavailable

Incident window: September 26, 2019 14:29 to 21:04 UTC

Impacted Cloud services:

Impact Level : high

[2019-09-26 15:23 UTC] We are coordinating with one of our vendors to resolve.

[2019-09-26 20:08 UTC] Our initial investigation suggests that the issue appears to be limited to users who are using a proxy or behind a firewall when connecting to Kony Cloud Visualization services. We are continuing to investigate.

[2019-09-26 21:04 UTC] Resolved. As we continue our investigation, we believe that this issue may be restricted to a single customer and due to how they have configured Visualizer clients to connect to the backend Visualization services in Kony Cloud. We do not suspect that the impacts extend to any other customer, but are continuing to review to rule that out. To note, the backend Visualization services in Kony Cloud have been 100% available since the onset of this incident, but the ability for the Visualizer client to connect to the backend services in Kony Cloud to access or publish prototypes was what was failing.