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V9 Foundation Release

Maintenance window: January 13, 2020 00:01 to 04:00
The maintenance window start and end times are local to the region in which your Clouds are hosted. If you are unsure where your Clouds are hosted, you can hover over a Cloud Name in the Manage Clouds page of the Cloud Management Console and the region will be displayed.

This release includes updates to the backend components of Fabric on the Cloud (Identity, Workspace, Console, Engagement) only and lays the foundation for the full V9 release of Quantum (Visualizer + Fabric) that will be available in the first half of 2020. Upgrading the core Fabric Runtime server environments on the cloud to V9 will not be available to customers until the full release of Quantum V9.

With this release, Identity, Workspace, Console, and Engagement are being updated with a set of incremental features described below that can be used immediately and will work with the current V8 version of Visualizer. Since this update provides the foundation for the full V9 release, you can get additional details on what is coming in the full Quantum V9 release by viewing our V9 Roadmap webinar on Base Camp.

The Certificate Authority (CA) for SSL/TLS certificates for all database instances in our Cloud PaaS expires in March. During this maintenance window, we plan to update the certificates to reference the new CA. We anticipate that the database instances will be unavailable for a few minutes at most as we update the certificates.

Impacted Cloud services:

Impact Level : minor

No significant downtime is expected for the impacted Cloud services while this maintenance is being performed. We expect at most a few minutes of downtime as we update SSL/TLS certificates for each database instance. The scheduled maintenance is designed to mitigate disruptions to service availability and performance for the impacted Cloud services. However, it is possible for the impacted Cloud services to be unavailable and/or performance degraded for a short period of time during the maintenance window. Note that no changes are being applied for other Cloud services outside of the list of impacted services above and no service availability or performance disruption is expected for other Cloud services.

Release summary details (including any impacts) may be updated as we near the release date.

[2020-01-09 20:32 UTC]

[2020-01-13 07:00 UTC] All Asia and European regions are completed without incident, along with Sao Paulo. We are expecting impacts to Identity as the in-place migration for the Virginia region cannot be completed as planned.

[2020-01-13 08:00 UTC] We have reverted the deployment for one of the Identity clusters in Virginia, and have involved development. The number of extended and abandoned sessions has crossed a threshold and can’t be completed as planned.

[2020-01-13 09:15 UTC] We have developed a workflow that will involve truncating certain data tables in order to complete the v9 upgrade. The impact will be that users with a longer than recommended session duration set, one that would last overnight or longer, will have to re-login to applications (equivalent to any normal session expiration).

[2020-01-13 10:20 UTC] Deployment issues caused by the timing of an update has caused an unplanned outage for some customers in Virginia. One of the three Identity clusters was impacted. We are working to get that cluster back in service.

[2020-01-13 11:30 UTC] Resolved. Identity services are restored. Some Kony customers in the Virginia region may have to logout and log back into Some Application users will need to log back into their apps if they were being hosted on the single Identity cluster in Virginia that was affected.