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Cloud Management Console - Performance Degradation

Incident window: December 9, 2020 17:00 UTC to December 10, 2020, 02:20 UTC
The maintenance window start and end times are local to the region in which your Clouds are hosted. If you are unsure where your Clouds are hosted, you can hover over a Cloud Name in the Manage Clouds page of the Cloud Management Console and the region will be displayed.

Impacted Cloud services:

Impact Level : medium

We’re experiencing performance degradation for This should not affect any runtime environments. Engineering is looking into the incident.

[2020-12-09 17:52 UTC] Resolved Issue identified and performance restored.

[2020-12-10 00:45 UTC] Performance degradation observed. Engineering team has restored performance.

[2020-12-10 02:20 UTC] The root cause has been identified and engineering has implemented the fix.