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AWS Outage affecting US Virgina customers in one datacenter

Incident window: December 22, 2021 12:33 UTC to December 23, 2021 00:22 UTC
The AWS Service Status page will have the lastest information about the known issues and actions that AWS is taking.

Impacted Cloud services:

Impact Level : medium

AWS Regional outage in Virgina cause by power failure in one of the AWS datacenters.

[2021-12-22 15:45 UTC] The underlying Virginia region is returning API errors for many services. We are working with AWS to understand the issues, impacts, and recovery timeline.

[2021-12-22 13:56 UTC] The underlying Virginia region is returning to normal. There were failovers for the Kony Cloud runtime services, and the system continued to run on a single datacenter. However, power-on activities, while mostly successful, have see sporadic incidents. We will launch a full recovery inventory on the underlying AWS issues are resolved.

[2021-12-22 23:15 UTC] AWS continues to recover compute and disk resources. Kony Cloud systems are on line and running normally, but customers should report any issues that are noticed.

[2021-12-23 00:22 UTC] Resolved. AWS has restored power and recovered compute and disks. Databases have automatically failed over, and any local disk or compute failure has automatically been replaced. Please report any issues with Fabric services.