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Quantum V9 Release

Maintenance window: April 6, 2020 00:01 to 04:00
The maintenance window start and end times are local to the region in which your Clouds are hosted. If you are unsure where your Clouds are hosted, you can hover over a Cloud Name in the Manage Clouds page of the Cloud Management Console and the region will be displayed.

This release builds on the V9 Foundation released on January 13 and provides the remaining updates for Quantum V9. With this release, customers now have access to Fabric V9 runtime server environments on the cloud. Customers wishing to upgrade an existing environment to V9 should open a support ticket with the details of their request.

Join us on April 16 for a LIVE webinar covering the V9 release: What’s New in Quantum V9. Please view the recorded V9 Roadmap webinar on Base Camp for a walkthrough of the new Quantum features available in V9. The new features released previously on January 13 are summarized on the V9 Foundation release page and the features that are part of this final V9 update are summarized below.

Impacted Cloud services:

Impact Level : medium

Minor downtime is possible for the impacted Cloud services while this maintenance is being performed. The scheduled maintenance is designed to mitigate disruptions to service availability and performance for the impacted Cloud services. However, it is possible for the impacted Cloud services to be unavailable and/or performance degraded for a short period of time during the maintenance window. Note that no changes are being applied for other Cloud services outside of the list of impacted services above and no service availability or performance disruption is expected for other Cloud services.

Release summary details (including any impacts) may be updated as we near the release date.

[2020-04-06 04:30 UTC] Resolved Customers that had enabled external authentication, like Office365, Google, Okta, etc., were unable to log into older versions of Visualizer. This occurred on April 6th at approximately 04:30 UTC. This issue was corrected at 21:15 UTC.

[2020-04-06 21:40 UTC] Resolved The Visualizer 9.0.2 Installer was configuring the installed Visualizer product to reference a few internal assets. The installation programs were replaced April 6th at 21:40 UTC.

[2020-04-06 22:04 UTC] In Progress There is a known migration requirement for Quantium V9 Object Services that use custom verbs. The V9 deployment would have affected some customers of our Community Edition and paid customers that have AppVantage hosting. This delayed the deployment of the Community Edition in the Frankfurt and Virginia regions. We have built out the necessary configuration changes and will update the existing regions at 12:01 local time in each region. The V9 upgrades to the community editions in Frankfurt and Virginia will be deployed concurrently.

[2020-04-07 02:15 UTC] Resolved Remaining regions have been updated to V9 and all existing regions were patched.